Silhouette targets
 Noisy but nice!
Silhouette shooting in the Western Cape

In this age of gun control laws and anti-gun lobbies, there are still a few opportunities left for a gun owner to enjoy the use of a firearm. There are several shooting sports bodies where a gun owner can practise the sport of target shooting, in a safe, controlled environment.

Metallic silhouette shooting is one of the only shooting disciplines in which the target reacts to a hit, adding to the enjoyment of the sport. To think it all started with a handful of bored Mexican bandidos... (read more)

Metallic silhouette shooting is run in the Western Cape under the auspices of WPMSSA (Western Province Metallic Silhouette Shooting Association), and there are several clubs where the sport can be practised on a regular basis. Apart from inter-club league shoots, WPMSSA also hosts the WPMSSA Championships and the WP Classic on an annual basis.

Notice of 2021 Annual General Meeting


All matters that you wish to be discussed and decided at the AGM must be received by WPMSSA Executive Committee by not later than 13h00 Wednesday the 14th of April 2021.Delegates’ written credentials (appointment confirmed on official letterhead, signed by the chairman, vice-chairman or secretary of affiliated club) must be handed in at least 30 minutes before commencement of the meeting.

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League Shoot Announcements

NB: League shoots are normally on the THIRD Saturday of the month, but it may be different due to circumstances.

2021 WPMSSA Calendar
  • 16 January (League Shoot 4*)
  • 20 February (League Shoot 5)
  • 17 - 22 March (Western Province Open)
  • 17 April (League Shoot 6) - AGM to follow at 13:00.
  • 15 May (League Shoot 7) To be advised
  • 19 June (League Shoot 8) To be advised
  • 17 July (League Shoot 9)
  • 13 - 16 Aug (Western Province Classic)
  • 19 September (League Shoot 1 of 2021 season*)
  • 17 October (League Shoot 2 of 2021 season*)
  • 21 November (League Shoot 3 of 2021 season*)

* The first 20 shots of the 2019 Atlantis Classic, as well as the September 2019 and October 2019 league shoots count as the first three league shoots of the 2020 season.

The next league shoot: To be advised

League Shoot Entry Form

The WPMSSA League Shoot Entry Form is available here.

New SAMSSA In-house Rules

There is a new revision of the SAMSSA In-house Rules available on the SAMSSA web site.

It is important that you acquaint yourself with these rules, especially if you are a qualified Range Officer.

Postal shoots

Postal shoots are now allowed. Please acquaint yourself with the rules.

2019/2020 WPMSSA fees

The WPMSSA fees for 2019/2020, as decided at the 2019 AGM are:
  • Joining (New members): WPMSSA R250
  • Senior: R450
  • Junior (under the age of 21 or student): R230
  • Veteran (over 55, who does not compete in the senior class): R230
  • Family: R650

2020 SAMSSA fees

Please note a number of category changes were made especially with reference to ages and a fee for the Juniors was introduced. Note the family membership fee is now a composite fee.
  • Joining fee - R 110
  • Junior fee - member under 21 i.e. to the year member turns 20 - R 100
  • Senior Membership - between the ages of 21 and 54 - R350
  • Veteran Membership - R250
  • Student Membership - bona fide full time students to the age of 25 - R 150
  • Family Membership:
    - Primary Member - R 350
    - Spouse/partner - R 250
    - Bona fide student/s - R 150 [payable per student]
    - Children [see above for age] - R 100 [payable per child]

Directions to Atlantis

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Fri 23 August 2019
2019 Western Province Classic
Click for full size image
Greg Ronné and Wally Barr

Click for full size image
Small Bore Rifle

The 2019 Western Province Classic was hosted on the Atlantis Range from 16 to 18 August. It was the last chance for serious (and some not-so-serious) shooters to get some match practice in before the SAMSSA Nationals in September.

Greg Ronné and Wally Barr did just that, and had an epic contest with Small Bore Sport Handgun. Wally just managed to pip Greg at the post with a count-out on rams.

It is not clear who paid for the beers afterwards.

Wed 5 April 2017
The next generation
Click for full size image
Scott Murdoch, Ruger Jooste and Callum Murdoch

The 2017 WP Open was hosted on the Atlantis Range from 17 to 20 March. On the first two days the wind nearly blew us away and on the last two days the sun nearly burnt us to death.

Greg Sykes shot an amazing 36/40 in the Air Rifle Springloaded event, but other than that, no real good scores were recorded.

Ludy could only join the shoot on the final day and it seems there was a misunderstanding on the Big Bore Handgun Range, he understood the shoot would be over by 13h00, but in reality it was the last two details that was to start at 13h00. Under pressure Ludy completed his Big Bore Handgun Aggregate and still managed to get gold for the Aggregate!

It was also good to see yesterday's juniors - Jan, Raymond, Wilhelm and Nellita, taking the first four places in the Small Bore Handgun Aggregate. You certainly need young eyes to see the Unlimited targets. Nellita took top honours in that event and showed the boys how it should be done.

The wind created havoc with the air rifle pellets, but that did not deter the young ones. Scott, Ruger and Callum battled it out in the Air Rifle Springloaded event. The determination learnt now will be immensely useful in the future!

Mon 21 November 2016
Blowin' (doppies) in the wind
Click for full size image

The 2016 Atlantis Classic was shot in hot weather with a near gale force wind blowing over the three days. Despite the conditions there were some excellent scores, and as can be expected, some rather unremarkable ones too.

The picture was taken after the range was cleared and packed away on the final day, and the Overall Winners names were announced.

Look at the condition of the roof of the small bore handgun range in the background - nothing could withstand the wind.

Thanks to Match Director Wayne Arlar who could save us with a few cold beers!

Mon 17 July 2016
Province has four new world champions!

Four WPMSSA members were selected to represent South Africa at the 12th IMSSU World Championships hosted by SAMSSA from 2 to 16 July 2016 in Bloemfontein.

They won the following gold medals, making them the reigning world champions in the following events:

Click for full size image
Nellita Nel, Kiara de Jager, Grant Creswell and Phillip de Lange

Phillip de Lange (Senior Protea Team)
  * Big Bore Handgun Revolver
  * Big Bore Handgun Standing
  * Big Bore Handgun Unlimited
  * Field Pistol Production
  * Big Bore Handgun Aggregate

Kiara de Jager (Junior Protea Team)
  * Junior Small Bore Handgun Production

Grant Creswell (Junior SASSCo Team)
  * Junior Small Bore Handgun Standing

Nellita Nel (Junior Protea Team)
  * Junior Small Bore Handgun Unlimited
In addition Phillip won another silver and bronze medal, Kiara another silver medal, Grant another silver medal and Nellita another bronze medal.

Congratulations to our champions!

Mon 13 October 2008
Province young guns excel
Click for full size image

The Western Province Junior and U/14 teams once again did well in the SAMSSA National Championships held at BMSSK in Bloemfontein from 30 September to 4 October 2008.

Apart from making a clean sweep in the team events, they also won 20 out of a possible 27 medals in the official SAMSSA events, plus another 5 medals in the fun events.

Although the success can partly be ascribed to a shortage of junior competitors from some of the other provinces, the standard of competition was extremely high, with Wilhelm Nel and Lize Wamback achieving breakpoints in the small bore handgun aggregate. This certainly bodes well for the future of the sport in Western Province.

In the picture fltr: (Front) Anelda Dixon (14), Lize Wamback (15, Junior Victrix Ludorum), Nellita Nel (12). (Back) Wilhelm Nel (17, Junior Victor Ludorum), Ronnie Wamback (17), Raymond Starke (17).

Anelda, Lize, Wilhelm en Ronnie are all pupils at Strand High School, Raymond is at Durbanville High School, and Nellita is at Lochnerhof Primary, Strand.

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